Our Electrician Services

We offer different kinds of electrical services based on what is most needed in Townsville but go beyond these as well.

Townsville Electrician guarantees that all your electrical issues will be solved once we send over one of our professionals.

Enjoying the comforts of your home or workplace with no electrical problems can be one of the best conveniences ever, which is what we wish to bring to you.

Main Services

Our main services include repairs as well as installations but are not limited to them, which can all be done by our certified electricians.

Domestic Electrician services

Domestic Electrical Services

Having a home that is free from electrical issues is one of the best things and a great convenience to your everyday life.

If you are experiencing any issues, we can send a professional right over to take care of them for you as soon as possible.

Should you be renovating your home or need electrical installations done for a new one, we have professionals that are capable of making this happen.

Commercial Electrical Services

Several establishments rely on electricity to function properly and provide convenience to people within them, which is why it’s best to make sure all electrical wiring is done properly.

If you are facing issues within a commercial building, it would be best to get in touch with us so we can send a certified electrician to take a look at the problem and solve it.

New commercial buildings will often need proper wiring done and our professionals can provide all the necessary electrical installations need it to make it a convenient place to be in.

Commercial Electrician Services
Solar Electrician Services

Solar Electrical Services

A lot of people have taken interest in what solar power can do and the capabilities depend not only on the components but also on how everything is installed.

If you are experiencing troubles with your solar power systems, we can have a professional sort everything out for you so you can benefit from it more.

Those who are looking to invest in solar power as an alternative can consult us and we can send a professional to set everything up to function in top condition.

After-Hours Electrician (Service)

The need an emergency electrician can sometimes be in demand from time to time, especially during unexpected times.

We operate 24/7 and are available through our many contact methods, which make it easy for you to get in touch if you need a 24-hour electrician.

Emergencies regarding electricity are best dealt with as soon as possible and we will not hesitate to send someone right away once you get in touch with us.

After-Hours Electrician Services

Additional Services

Certain electrical services can still be provided by Townsville Electrician and the ones mentioned are only our main services.

If you are looking for other services or seek to solve any other electrical issues, feel free to contact us so we can get a professional on the job as soon as possible.

It does not matter how big or how small the issue is, we will make sure that it is properly assessed to ensure your safety and convenience.

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