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If you are having electrical problems, we are the solution because we have the best home service electricians ready to take care of any electrical issues you may be having.

Whether you need quality electrical repairs or services, we have a team of professional local electrical contractors ready to take care of it for you who is available at any time you need them.

Faulty wiring, air conditioning unit problems, and even solar panel issues can all be tackled as we are one call away and have qualified and licensed electricians to handle them.

We’ll make sure that your electrical issues are solved and everything is running in peak condition once our services have been rendered to give you the utmost convenience.

Our Electrical Services

Domestic and Commercial Electricians in Townsville

Electrician installing ceiling light fixtures

Domestic Electrical Installations and Repairs

When it comes to owning a new home, sometimes it is best to make sure that all of the electrical wiring and components are in order, which is why it's best to hire a professional domestic electrician to do this.

We also offer repairs for homes that may have issues with their current electrical situation and also provide electrical installation services.

Electrician inspecting electrical panels

Commercial Electrical Installations and Repairs

Electricity is important for any business or building that is open to the public, which is why we are here to make sure that everything is connected properly for safety and convenience.

We install new wiring and components in buildings that need them and may also send over a professional electrician to provide you with our electric repair service.

Solar Installations and Electrical Repairs

If you have a solar power system and notice it may not be running the way it should, we can always send someone over to do a check and make sure to do any necessary repairs.

For those who plan on adding a solar power system to their home, we can send a professional who can make sure it is set up and functions the way you want it to.

After Hours Electrician

If you are looking for a 24-hour electrical technician to provide you with services, we can dispatch one right away once you give us a call.

We understand that sometimes you may need an emergency electrician to provide electrical wiring services and more which we can have to visit you right away.

Additional Electrician Services

We Also Offer

Our services are not limited to just electrical repairs and installations, we also provide services for other issues and some of these include:

Master electrician on service

About Electrician Townsville

Master Electricians in Townsville

Electrician Townsville is known to be one of the best electrical installation companies and we ensure that we provide you with any solution to your electrical problems.

No matter how big or how small the task may be, we will make sure to send someone over for any electrical service installation or repairs that you may need.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will make sure that any issue you report to us is taken care of us as well as that our professionals take all the precautions to ensure no problems occur.

You can expect only the best from us and we can guarantee you the following:

  • Trained and skilled electricians
  • High-quality tools and materials
  • Easy-to-contact team
  • Professional solutions
  • Fast response
  • Deadline oriented

We aim for your satisfaction

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Our reception hours are Mondays - Fridays, from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

If you want to book our service, you can reach us through the following:

Townsville, QLD 4812

Phone: 07 4763 7517

Email: info@electricianservicestownsville.com

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People Say The Nicest Things

Here are what some of our satisfied clients have to say!

Jack Morgan profile phot
Jack Morgan


My wife and I recently had our home renovated. Couldn’t have asked for a better team to handle all the electrical repairs and installations. Our home is definitely brighter. Thank you!

Amy Singh profile photo
Amy Singh

I love the lighting work they did for my home office. They also did a split aircon clean and I can say that I haven't been this comfortable in my office before!

Peter Williams Profile photo
Peter Williams


Had the boys from Electrician Services install new lighting in my workshop. It doesn’t just look cooler now, but my team doesn’t complain about dim lights when working on our clients’ cars anymore. Thanks, guys!

Why Choose Electrician Services Townsville?

Six Reasons Why People Choose Us

High Standards

We make sure that all services rendered are done properly and can assure you that all tools and materials used are of the finest quality for the best outcome.


Electrician Townsville is a well-known certified electrical company that has a team of professional electricians who have gone through training and have years of experience.

Committed Electricians

Our electrical contractors care about your safety and satisfaction, which is why they make sure every task is done with the utmost care to achieve perfection.

Time Availability

You can get in touch with us at any time and we’ll make sure to find the best schedule possible for your convenience.

Fast Response

Our team is ready to answer your calls and emails as soon as they get them, making sure that you can get in touch with us as soon as you need to.

1 Year Warranty

We can guarantee that any electrical problem that our team handles will be done perfectly and offer a 1-year warranty for any issues that reoccur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do, if certain situations require our services at urgent times, we can send a professional over right away at an affordable after-hours cost.

You may contact us at any time to avail of our after-hours electrician services to make sure any issue is handled when needed.

We aim to make sure that your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed and our professional will take all the necessary steps to make sure everything is checked and taken care of.

Our professional will have all the tools needed to check all of the issues before carrying out all of the needed repairs to ensure no issues remain afterward.

If you notice that certain electrical items are not functioning properly or are showing abnormal signs, this may be a time to contact us.

Instances, where misbehaving electrical items occur, would be flickering lights, low-powered appliances, an increase in energy costs, and electrical objects not functioning properly.

We understand that you may sometimes be busy but once we can identify the problem and present you with the solution, you can leave us to the task if you need to be elsewhere.

Our professionals will make sure the task is done and will follow any instructions you may have for when they leave the area where electrical services will be done.

Once our professional has taken care of all the issues present in your home, you will be free to use everything you need to.

Before leaving, our professionals will make sure to explain what has been repaired, and what caused the issue and will make sure there are no further problems that occur.

We recommend that a loose plug should be replaced as this can cause it to have high electrical resistances, which can cause overheating.

It is best to never leave any electrical components in a condition where they appear damaged or are in a makeshift design to prevent problems in the future.

Yes, we can and we are certified and licensed to do this as it is required that the internal wiring of homes is done by professionals to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our professionals can follow new renovations done to a home and make sure that electricity flows properly for your safety as well as those around you to prevent disasters.

We do not recommend you make any attempts to tackle electrical issues on your own due to the safety risks and the fact that this can sometimes be complicated.

You should allow us to send a home electrician to your location to perform an electrical inspection to make sure they can fix whatever issues are discovered.

The cost to rewire a house depends on how big the home is and how much materials need to be used to ensure electricity is properly provided to specified areas.

Our electrical services come at affordable prices and we can send some of the best electrical technicians to make sure everything is done properly.

While a handyman is capable of fixing many things, most of them have only basic knowledge when it comes to all electrical services.

This makes it important to hire a certified electrician who is trained and skilled to make sure nothing goes wrong and your home will not suffer from any issues.

Once you give us a call, we will ask you for some details before sending our electrician to do an electrical inspection to assess the problem.

After you have reached out to us, we will make sure to send our professional at the best time to make things convenient for you.

Flickering lights can be a bad sign as this means that the light bulb is having issues or that there is an electrical issue in your home.

To make sure things are safe, you should contact us right away so we can send someone over to assess the situation and ensure the issue is fixed.

This is pretty much what our electricians focus on, electricity and they are all level 2 electrician professionals and above.

Whether it’s a commercial electrician or a residential electrician, we have professionals who are more than capable of providing you with electrical wiring installation services and repairs.

Our professionals can carry out inspection and testing on your property, whether this is a residential or commercial building.

We can later provide you with a list of what may be needed and may resort to prioritizing which services you request from us first.

We have professionals who can provide electrical wiring and installation service to industrial buildings as well as repair any existing issues that they may have.

Our electrical maintenance services are performed by professionals who know their way around any kind of building and can provide the proper services that are adequate for any facility.

Of course, we have residential electricians who have years of experience after being in our electrician company and can provide you with our services no matter what type of home it is.

If you can provide a layout of the home and the wiring, this could make things faster but even without it, our electrical contractor services have professionals who can figure it out.

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